He left his family behind in Florida and came to Texas without any experience in door to door or roofing sales, and did high 7 figures in roofing sales in his first 18 months.

Yes, you read that right!

Just 2 years ago Burton Hughes moved from Florida to Texas to gamble on himself and he beat the house! Without any experience, knowledge or even connections, he took the biggest risk of his life and it paid off big time.

He had no team.
He had no prior experience
He had no network or connections
A Knock star Is Not  born.
They're built.
All he had was sheer determination and a will to do the work. Now he lives in a beautiful home, drives a Bentley and makes life-changing money. All this and he still doesn't have a team or own the company. He's just a grade-A hard worker who put in the time and effort to make life-changing money.

Before Burton got to Texas, he had left his humble beginnings in Ohio, and moved his wife and daughters to Florida to work as a consultant that turned around under-performing health clubs to drive profits. While working in the gym and fitness industry. He was approached by a guy who offered him a roofing job in Texas. That guy ultimately convinced him to leave his job in Florida and move to Texas. Burton left his wife who was seven months pregnant and daughters behind in Florida to test the waters in Texas selling roofs. Within a month he had made enough money to move his family to Texas to re-join him.

A Proud Father and Husband.

6 months ago Burton walked into my office and demanded I give him 30 minutes of my time. Usually, I don't take walk-ins, but I didn't have anything on my calendar at the time so I agreed to hear him out. He was actually selling me on me taking him on as a personal coaching client. After hearing his story I said to him "Burton, you do realize everything you just told me is not normal right?"

I'll never forget the look on his face. He was in shock that everyone working in D2D roofing sales wasn't making the same or more money than he was. He was literally in shock that what he had done wasn't normal. Of course, I ended up taking him on as a client and ultimately have got to know him very well. After seeing the simplicity of how he worked, I convinced him he needed to share his secrets of success with the entire roofing industry.

Ryan Stewman
The "hardcore closer," is a best-selling author, podcaster and blogger. He's best known for consulting with alpha personality business owners on rapidly growing their sales via the use of strong marketing and advertising.
A True d2d Superstar

Flash forward a month and his work ethic paid off again. Thus began The KnockStars training program.

This isn't like any other D2D roofing sales program on the planet. 

First off, no one I know has personally put up the numbers Burton has in the time period he's done it in. 

Second off, this training isn't some woo-woo program based on theory, or copied from other programs he's taken. Burton has literally never taken a training program in his life other than being personally coached by me, Ryan Stewman CEO of Break Free Academy.

In this training program, you'll learn everything you need to know to become a KnockStar in D2D roofing sales. But it's not just videos made in my studio here at the Break Free Academy office, it's a program where we attached a camera to Burton and sent him in the field to prove he can close and his methods can work for anyone. You'll learn how he only cases the high-end neighborhoods spending only 2, 1-hour blocks, both AM and PM, knocking doors every day and single-handedly stacks high 7 figures annually in roofing sales.

Burton calls his method the "The white-collar approach to a blue-collar industry" and that's exactly what he does. In the program, you'll quickly learn how little details like how you dress and what you wear, can make all the difference in how much or how little you close at the door.

You'll also learn the mindset you need when you're facing rejection after rejection at the door, and how to overcome people who tell you to go away, kick rocks, and even go f*ck yourself. When you're approaching strangers in their home, you gotta have not only the right mindset, you also must have the right positive attitude. It's easy to get down on yourself working D2D and Burton teaches you not only how to avoid rejection, but also the mindset needed to keep pushing on after you're turned away.

In this day and age, you can't ignore social media. Digital marketing is a great way to get leads who actually ask you to come by their home and inspect their roof. We're not talking just running ads, we are talking warm referrals. Now remember, Burton came to Texas with zero Texas connections, but leveraged his social media profile to make offers to locals after the storms hit their homes.

You'll learn what the most effective marketing materials he uses are as well. Not every door you knock will be answered, but with the right materials, you can turn unanswered doors into warm leads via phone calls and or emails. It's all about your offer, and how you leave the materials with your offer on them behind, so the homeowner doesn't just throw it in the trash like every other piece of marketing material they receive daily.

A Knock star Is Not  born.

They're built.

Burton only works in the high-end homes in his area. When you are dealing with the affluent they are easier to sell, don't need to do shady things like save their deductible and they are the highest paying jobs in every residential market. How you canvas and present your offer to the affluent matters. Burton is the master at this and will teach you exactly how it's done from first-hand experience. He also knows how to get high-end homeowners to introduce you to all their neighbors as raving fans.

One of the keys to making sales consistently and crushing it in D2D roofing is knowing your numbers. Burton is a big believer in numbers and knows how to make the numbers work. After all, what gets measured gets improved, so he will teach you what numbers to know, and how to increase those numbers so they add to your bottom line.

You'll get an insiders view at live D2D knocking. You'll see Burton in action knocking on stranger's doors and convincing them in 1-2 visits to let him on their roof. He even shows you in real-time how to turn people who turn you away into your biggest referral source. It's all in the presentation and in your presence.

Burton's live objection handling is second to none. You'll watch him overcome even the hardest objections from both the husband and the wife. Where most sales professionals quit and give up, Burton converts the least likely to buy prospects into fans who send him tons of referrals. This is a game-changer in the D2D world.

A Knock star Is Built.

You'll learn how to sell on value, not price. No one cares how much a roof cost. The homeowner's roof damage is covered by their insurance. Yet most D2D roofing reps sell on price and wonder why they miss so many opportunities to close sales. You'll see how Burton builds value and price never becomes an issue or an objection.

Small Call to Lastly, you'll learn what CRM he uses and how he sets his follow up sequences and visits. This goes back to knowing your numbers and doing the work. For a guy who only knocks doors 2 hours a day, you won't believe how organized he is, and how he maximizes his time. Spending only 2 hours a day maxing out your efforts at the door allows you to spend your time on more important things than work, like family.Action Headline

D2d Knock Stars

I've personally seen dozens of so-so D2D roofing programs by people who are average producers at best. This is your chance to learn the real world, first-hand experience from someone who's operating on a high level and crushing the competition in his marketplace. Don't miss this opportunity. Click the button below to be directed to the checkout page and learn how to make your million dollar dreams as a D2D roofing expert become a reality.

-Ryan Stewman CEO Break Free Academy

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